Every Day is a Gift – Be Thankful for the Little Things
If life has taught me anything thus far, it is that every day is a gift. Some days it's easier to remember this than others. I will freely admit when I was cleaning up a kitty poo skid mark yesterday I was not of a mind to be thankful at that moment. But I *am* thankful for my cats, Mulder and Willow, and their unconditional love. Though that love is in danger when I am lax in my feeding schedule. They do recover quickly, bless their well-fed hearts. … (0 comment)

Lazy Blogger Hits the Reset Button – 2018 Boot in the Pants
It is 2018 and this lazy blogger is hitting the reset button for It Might Get Nerdy. Whether it's the fact that life gets busy or that I have a raging case of SEO block (Search Engine Optimization - geek speak for telling the internet "LOOK AT ME!"), it all boils down to the fact that I've found way too many excuses to not give much needed love to It Might Get Nerdy. Excuses are done! SEO can kiss my *ss. I'm just going to write and put out there what makes me happy and gaffaw, crafty crap that I do, my latest obsessions, things that make me go "Hmmmmm", fabulous adventures with my amazeballs friends. All of the above and then some.…

Day at the Beach – Pale Girl Problems
My husband and I recently had a day off and decided to spend a day at the beach. Please understand, I do not "beach" with the comfort and ease of most. On the other hand, Tim's family spent their weekends frolicking at the beach until they had their own pool. Then every weekend was a pool party. He and his sisters morphed into little sun-bleached, berry-brown fish every summer.  While I will never be a suntanned beach bunny (thank you for the freckles and pallor, Irish ancestors), I will do my best to assimilate.…

Mirror Update – Shabby Chic Craft – Blame it on Target
This Mirror Update - Shabby Chic Craft came about when I bought some towels. Seriously, the domino effect in full force! Our half-bath needed new towels because the current ones were looking really sad. I found some gorgeous teal and coordinating gray hand-towels at Target. As will happen, it lead to a repainting of the bathroom and a facelift for the mirror.… (2 comments)

Alarm Clock Picture Frame Craft Project
This alarm clock picture frame craft project will have you looking at old broken clocks in a whole new light! There are so many beautiful and unique old alarm clocks that you can score super-cheap at thrift stores and rummage sales. The best part is that turning that clock into a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind frame is easy!… (2 comments)

Boom Knit Shawl (Premier Yarns Sweet Roll)
The Boom Knit Shawl (knit with Premier Yarns Sweet Roll) is the perfect, small project for a Netflix binge. It is all garter stitch, so don't even *think* about purling. It is basically a two-row pattern and the shaping is just using a KFB (knit front and back) increase and a k2tog decrease. Easy peasy! This is a free pattern on Ravelry.… (2 comments)

Several years ago, my husband and I went as Ralphie and the Leg Lamp for Halloween. As a costume, it wasn't all that hard to make. Truthfully, that hardest part was finding a lampshade to fit over my booty. I got more than a few odd looks in the thrift store as I divested lamps of their shades and proceeded to try to pull them up like a pair of pants. (If you are interested in learning how to make their own leg lamp costume, please comment below. If there is enough interest, I can make a tutorial. You have to provide your own Ralphie, though I can give you pointers on making his shirt ;-) )…