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Namaste Nerds! This Is Your Tribe!

Namaste Nerds! This Is Your Tribe!
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Namaste, Nerds! Thanks for visiting! Put on your yoga pants (dudes, you can totally rock the yoga pants…slice of heaven, really), get comfy and stick around for a while.

The idea for this blog was born from the fact that I have a deep and abiding love of documentaries. Name any subject and I’ve probably seen a doc about it. Let me tell you, there are some holy sh*t awesome documentaries! I’m here to share the doc sweetness and so much more!

Other obsessions that you’ll probably see:

  • Knitty/Fibery Stuff: Fiber Junkie, Yo! Is your yarn stash too big? That’s crazy talk! There is no such thing.
  • Organization Crap: An organized closet or drawer really trips my trigger.
  • Thrift and Hardware Store Adventures: Treasure hunting at its best!
  • Upcycling: Make friends with power tools and other fun toys to turn junk into unique and cool stuff for your home.
  • Artsy Fartsy Stuff: Not your grandma’s crafts. Sewing, painting, glue-gunning and all kinds of fun and funky projects.
  • Guitars & Ukuleles: Geek out over cool tools and music.
  • Donkeys, Cats & Dogs: ‘Cause they are freakin’ cute, y’all!
  • Walking Dead: GAH! Where do I start? Team Daryl, that’s where I start!
  • Firefly: Helloooo! Cap’m Tight Pants, Wash, Zoey and the gang! (F*ck you, Fox, BTW.) The uber cute pup in the picture is our very own Leonberger, Malcolm Reynolds.
  • Random Sh*t: Shenanigans. ‘Nuff said.

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