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Rockabilly Corset – Extreme Sewing or Just a Fascinating Puzzle

Rockabilly Corset – Extreme Sewing or Just a Fascinating Puzzle
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Birth of a Rockabilly Corset:

So Rockabilly Corset happened when uber-talented seamstress, Jennifer – Sweet Ginger Vintage, offered a class on corset making. I was all over that! Corsets and their construction have always held a fascination for me, not to mention, helloooo, curves! I can have a waist? What!

Jennifer drafted patterns for me and my fellow classmate, Rachel. Looking at all of the individual pieces was daunting! There were like a ca-jillion of them, or so it seemed. Jennifer, being the sewing Jedi Master that she is, guided us through each step of the construction of our ultimately kick-ass corsets. When you break it down, it is like putting together a big puzzle. A gorgeous, fabric, waist-whittling puzzle!

Rockabilly Corset - No Channels
Rockabilly Corset in Progree – No Channels
Rockabilly Corset with Channels
Rockabilly Corset in Progress with Channels

Dork that I am, I failed to take notes, so the odds of recreating this feat are slim to none. Consequently, I am hoping for Corset Making, Round 2 at Sweet Ginger Vintage. I promise to take notes this time…REALLY! I have some map fabric ready to roll 🙂

Future Map Corset - www.itmightgetnerdy.com
Future Corset?

Interesting side note, all of the sewing machines in Jennifer’s shop are vintage. No fancy stitches, just sturdy metal workhorses.

Another interesting side note, my daughter and I wore a couple of corsets made by Jennifer in a family photoshoot (by my dear friend, Erin – aka: Artistry of E) a year or so before we even met. GAH, gorgeous craftsmanship!

Photo Shoot Corsets
Photo courtesty of Artistry of E, Corsets by Sweet Ginger Vintage

The point here, my friends, is follow your dreams wherever they may lead. Say yes to a new challenge, even when it seems like it’s out of your league. You just never know who you will meet along the way that shares your obsession and is happy to share their own wealth of knowledge. Here’s to new friends and new skills!

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